Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Euroweek Day One, Trip to Stockholm

Finally i'm able to post this one after struggled with exam stuffs. So at the end of April i was scheduled to fly to Scandinavia, to participate in Euroweek. This Euroweek thing is our school yearly project that 'force' their students to join or to participate in a project and work together with other students from another countries and make a contribution by making a paper that has a relation with the chosen topic, in my case or this year's topic is smart cities.

So D-1, Eileen and Me did a little trip to Stockholm, which is the capital city Scandinavia. Only a few hours... But i was able to got new memories and experiences. Nice city, nice people, nice foods.

I think this one is Stockholms Stadsmuseum

Wedding day, first time seen it

Inside the Stadsmuseum

Inside the Stadsmuseum part 2

(ID) Walls - (DE) Langnese - (GR) Algida - (SE) GB Glace

The City Hall

Random ;)

Lake next to City Hall
The City Hall (2)
Eileen and Me

My teacher helped us to take this picture :)

Salam Hangat,

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